Chinese Films and Dramas

Chinese Films and Dramas

Netflix is my go to on my days off, and I will binge-watch just about anything that looks appealing or different. So one day I decided to try and see what international shows were available, and I found a large variety of Chinese films and drama. I watched several movies and shows, thankful for the subtitles of course, and was utterly enthralled by the difference between Chinese cinema and Hollywood.

Sexuality and Nudity

Hollywood has long since disrobed and begun to “bare it all” for audiences with the hopes of attracting more moviegoers using sex appeal. Chinese films stay away from anything sexual other than very modest romance scenes that show next to nothing. If they use any form of nudity, they usually add humor to make it less awkward. The films focus more on action sequences and drama to captivate their audiences. Some speculate, and I agree, that this is due in part to the strict censorship by the Communist Party in China.

Entertainment and the Movie Market

Studies show that the movie market in China will surpass and rise above that of Hollywood due to its attraction and entertainment value. China caters to the general public instead of the bigger cities that revel in international films. America is catching on and thoroughly enjoyed the unique style of Chinese cinema that draws their watchers with more action and dramatization scenes.

Why the Popularity?

The Chinese government heavily monitors their population’s internet usage, video streaming, and information in totality through their filtering via the cyber police. This allows them to know consumer preferences, interests and be able to cater to all of their citizen’s tastes. This goes against the morality factor in the U.S. as the government allows their citizens a lot more freedom and protections enabled by the Constitution. This is one element many consider why the growing popularity is there, though many will disagree with the method.

Deep Pockets

Suffice to say, have exorbitant amounts of money helps with promotions and marketing of films, as well as being able to produce films en masse. Hollywood is ready to compete, but China is said to be surpassing Hollywood by 2020. With appealing entertainment value and substance, Chinese movie makers are having a lot of American executives salivate at the chance to work with them.

What I like about Chinese Films

They are packed full of action, have comical moments throughout and reel you in with the right amount of drama. The plot twists and subtext in some scenes and dialogue is revolutionary and so different from the use sex for all appeal that Hollywood uses. They use a balanced system for heroes and villains and use their movies to convey messages that they desire. There is no shortage in the types of films they can produce, various plot lines and twists are infinite it seems, and they make it a point to hit every one. I am definitely one of the American’s leaning towards Chinese movies and films.